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Re: EDP Footswitch acting up...or is it just me?


In a message dated 6/27/04 12:49:00 AM, dpcoffin@earthlink.net writes:

>I'm setting up my EDP again after a move and the footpedal record 
>switch seems to be acting strange: it's become very difficult to 
>simply trigger record or even clear the loop buffer. A single, 
>short press will often just create a tiny loop instead of setting the 
>recorder/timer rolling, and when I do manage to record a loop, holding
>the button to clear it often puts the EDP directly into record mode 
>when I let go....it's like it's become ultra-sensitive and is on a hair
>trigger. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Or do I simply need to 
>refine my foot technique?
>Appreciate any comments...

Sounds like the perennial worn out EFC switch problem to me. 
They're cheap and easy to replace if you have even minimal 
soldering skills. Get 'em online at Mouser Electronics: 


If you buy a bag of 20 they're just under a buck each and that'll 
probably last you a lifetime. Good luck.

Best regards,

tEd  kiLLiAn


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