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Re: EDP/MF availability

> Just a little heads up for people who ordered EDPs from MF.  You might
> want to confirm that your order wasn't CANCELLED!!  Apparently you need
> to respond to their backorder notices to let then know you still want
> the product.  I didn't, and now I'm at the end of the backorder list!!
> Lovely.  Six months of waiting down the drain.

I did respond to the notification I received by e-mail *and* by phone and
they cancelled mine anyway. I called them up and told them that I wanted my
order reinstated in the queue in the original order. They said they would 
that but who knows if they did or if it's even possible.

> MF has 45 EDPs on order.  Make that 46.  As of today, MF has not
> received any EDPs.  No new ETA is available.

That's not that many considering that they have been advertising these as
being available in every single catalog they've sent me in the past 6
months. I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't even get mine due to them
screwing up and cancelling my order.

- Dave