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Re: sound hole cover for loops

They work by muting the vibration of the top a bit, so the sound does 
suffer a bit.  I never found them terribly effective, and once I 
started using magnetic soundhole pickups it wasn't an option.  
Fortunately, those pickups are less prone to feedback by design (at the 
loss of some other sonic attributes).

Automatic feedback filters have become quite good in the last few 
years.  I use the Yamaha AG Stomp, which has that and a bunch of other 
useful features for the electroacoustic musician.  You can find them 
new for $299, or on the lower end of $200 on eBay.  I also have the 
Behringer rackmount unit, which worked well, but took up too much 
space.  The front panel doesn't offer much in the way of UI, but once 
you've got the thing properly setup, it works well.  Boss also includes 
Feedback Eliminator in their acoustic preamp, and most of the GT floor 
units.  It only affects one feedback point at a time though, whereas 
the Yamaha can handle 5 (although I've never had more than 2), and the 
Behringer does 12 or 24 or something insane.


On Jun 26, 2004, at 7:20 PM, 
Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com wrote:

> Hey guy and gals.
> I guess this is a slightly OT post,
> basically i wondered if any of you have had any experiance using 
> electro acoustic guitar with a sound hole cover?
> Its funny, I cant find ANYWHERE that sells them , yet nearly every bg 
> artist I have seen using acoustics ( howie day, Richard Ashcroft, 
> Sting!!!)  seems to have one fitted.
>  Is it something they are keeping to them selves.
> the reason I belive I need one is that when I last took my acoustic 
> guitar to do some loops at my regular slot, (where I usually use an 
> electric) all my loops where ruined by intermitent feedback, I tried 
> to use it as an "effect" but in the end it just sounded crap.
> could anyone recomemd anywhere in the uk where I could pick one up and 
> if any of you use one could you tell me how it effects the sound and  
> how good they are at stopping feedback.
> thanks
> Phill