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Re: Gibson version EDP noise

At 02:48 PM 6/25/2004, Jesse Ray Lucas wrote:
>Tell me that my gain staging is wrong, but it doesn't matter if I go 
>in, or through a preamp.  I've can have a healthy green light on the input
>signal indicator and the output cranked up, but the loops always seem to
>have mad hiss to them.

probably your gains are set wrong. Turn the input up higher, and the 
lower to compensate. If it isn't clipping or the limiter isn't obviously 
kicking in, you have more headroom to use. Make sure you are using the 
path for setting gains, as it has less dynamic range than the direct. If 
you don't use the full dynamic range, the noise floor ends up sounding 
relatively louder. That is probably what you are experiencing.

>Not the direct signal, just the loop playback.

The digital path (of anything usually) has less dynamic range than the 
analog path, and so will have a higher relative noise floor when compared 
to the analog path.


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