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Re: Original Oberheim vs Current Gibson version

At 10:35 AM 6/25/2004, Dan Newman wrote:
>I am looking at a used original Oberheim version of
>the Echoplex Digital Pro.
>What would the differences be between that version and
>the current ones that Gibson sells. I have searched
>evereywhere but can't find any breakdown or version

The new one is black. Also it comes with LoopIV software and the full 
memory possible. And it has a better manual.

The older one might have LoopIV if the person before you upgraded it, but 
chances are it has LoopIII. You can easily get the upgrade from the 
web site:


It may or may not have full memory, depends on when it was made and 
somebody upgraded it or not.

Also, there have been various little hardware changes over the years, 
usually for some reliability reason. For example in the original ones the 
power supply made it get quite hot, but that was changed at some point and 
now they don't really get hot at all.

here are some posts from the archive explaining differences:


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