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LiveLooping music wins Jazz price!

Bruno Amstad wins with his solo voice looping show, over the 
brilliant piano trio of Collin Vallon and the traditional septet Mats 
Up in Zürich!

Although Bruno is known for his work in the Jazz scene (Christy 
Doran...), I find this remarkable, since his show had tipical 
LiveLooping character, rather than traditional Jazz. He uses a JamMan 
and a Repeater and moves between them, balancing out heavy rhythmic 
parts and spheric clusters, with extremely colorfull solos, all done 
totally live, just with voice and microphone (and hitting his chest)!

the mp3 page on his site sais "under construction", but its nice anyway:

the sponsoring banks press release in german:
...where it sais:
... during years he developped a form of musical performance which is 
unique in the world. While other artists are dominated by their 
tools, Amstad virtuosly rules over his "electronical helpers". He 
creates "listen-movies" that call associations in the listener...

well, for us it does not sound so totally unique, but they may never 
have heard of LiveLooping before... we did not tell them... yet...

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org