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Re: Gibson version EDP noise

Not to slander our beloved EDP, but mine hisses like a mofo.

Tell me that my gain staging is wrong, but it doesn't matter if I go direct
in, or through a preamp.  I've can have a healthy green light on the input
signal indicator and the output cranked up, but the loops always seem to
have mad hiss to them.  Not the direct signal, just the loop playback.


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Subject: RE: Gibson version EDP noise

> I seem to have some hiss on the loops Is this common?
> Thanks
> >From: Dan Newman <dnew7801@yahoo.com>
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> >Subject: Original Oberheim vs Current Gibson version
> >Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 10:35:14 -0700 (PDT)
> >
> >I am looking at a used original Oberheim version of
> >the Echoplex Digital Pro.
> >
> >What would the differences be between that version and
> >the current ones that Gibson sells. I have searched
> >evereywhere but can't find any breakdown or version
> >history.
> >
> >Any help would be hugely appreciated - gotta decide if
> >it's a good deal or not. And if anyone wants to state
> >what they think a good price on an original EDF with
> >foot switch - I'm all ears....
> >thx again.
> >d
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