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Re: 16 Second delay

Wow, good info.

Could you post the whole Word doc somewhere?  Maybe save it as a text  
file?  Hell, I'd host it.


On Jun 24, 2004, at 5:18 AM, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:

> a-hah. here y'go:
> >>23. MIDI OUT Jack - The 16 Second Delay generates MIDI Clock, MIDI  
> Start and MIDI Stop commands.
>  MIDI CLOCK: The MIDI Clock signal is based on the 16 Second's  
> internal tempo and is output through the MIDI OUT Jack at all times.  
> The internal tempo of the 16 Second Delay is determined by the FINE  
> Slider. The MIDI Clock signal can be used by any other device that  
> accepts MIDI Clock. Hook up your 16 Second's MIDI OUT Jack to the MIDI  
> In of another device using a standard MIDI cable. You will then be  
> able to sync a sequencer, drum machine, or other MIDI devices to the  
> 16 Second Delay. The 16 Second Delay does not slave to MIDI Clock  
> coming from another device.
> MIDI START & STOP: When a loop is started by hitting the PLAY  
> Footswitch or a new one is created by hitting the RECORD Footswitch, a  
> MIDI Start command is sent out of the MIDI OUT Jack. When a loop is  
> stopped by hitting the PLAY Footswitch again, a MIDI Stop command is  
> sent out of the MIDI OUT Jack. These commands will start and stop a  
> sequencer or drum machine.<<
> d.
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