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Re: EDP Undo questions

At 08:31 24/06/04, you wrote:
>At 02:35 PM 6/23/2004, Jeff Larson wrote:
>>Say I record an initial loop, then within the first playback I drop in 
>>discrete overdubs.  Pressing Long-Undo should then "remove the entire
>>last layer of sound added".
>>Is the "layer" the entire loop containing both overdubs,
>>are the overdubs removed one at a time in reverse order?
>no. The layer is the whole pass. You could remove them one at a time in 
>this case with Short-Undo.

to be clearer, Short-Undo removes the latest overdub from the time that 
Undo was pressed,
to the "beginning" of the loop .

so if you record a phrase, and hit a wrong note at the end, you can hit
Short-Undo just before the last  note, and erase only that note

so your  case, hitting Short Undo between the 2 overdubs you just made 
would just erase
the second one

>>Next, say I record an initial loop of 10 seconds.  On playback I start
>>an Overdub at second 8 and let it continue for 4 seconds, spilling
>>over into another repetition of the loop.  Now I press Long-Undo.
>>Does the last layer contain just the second half of the overdub, or
>>will it remove all 4 seconds?
>Just the second half. If you do 2 long-undo's you would get both. (easier 
>if you use MIDI so you don't have to actually hold the button down and 
>send that undo command directly.)
>>If it contains only the second half, will it fade the first half of
>>the overdub to prevent an audible pop?
>no, in that case there would not be a crossfade. I guess it is possible 
>for a pop to happen then, although usually you have some other audio 
>underneath the overdub so it is not so likely to be audible.

If you use Multiply (with Quantise=OFF) for just one loop to add your 
overdubs  then
you can overdub over exactly one loop, and redefine the Loop Start Point
at the same time.
Then you can always get rid of that "overdub" with one Long-Undo

andy butler