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Re: Fw: EDP Oversampling

I really don't see how oversampling would matter to you at all. It is a 
technique used in designing D/A convertors to make the anti-aliasing 
requirements easier to implement. (as the link you gave explains). It 
doesn't mean anything to the user. It doesn't even mean much to an 
designing with a given D/A convertor part since the filters are usually 

The anti-alias filter characteristics are the important thing to care 
about. Oversampling doesn't guarantee that the anti-alias filter is good 
bad, and if oversampling is not used you can still get equally good audio 
results with higher order filters. It really doesn't tell you anything by 

Companies list oversampling in audio specs because it sounds good to most 
people who are clueless as to what it means, but really it's just bullshit.


At 02:29 PM 6/23/2004, Jesse Ray Lucas wrote:
>Curious.  All the Akai and Yamaha samplers mention oversampling in their
>specs, and those are contemporaries of the EDP hardware.
>For more info see: 

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