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Re: Spam poetry as source material

I love spam text and I've suspected that Beck's been using it to 
generate song lyrics for years. ;)  Sounds like a fun show.

Coven carryover,


On Jun 23, 2004, at 6:15 AM, lol c wrote:

> hey all.
> I have strangley enough just completed a fine art project entirely 
> using spam and web-specific systems to create art.
> My first piece involved re-arranging lines that i got from my spam  
> into poetry.
> this then progressed onto just leaving it as is was and adding music.
> in the end i brought all the elements togeather and wrote a small 
> piece of automated code that would do the following.
> 1. All my spam got placed into one folder as it arrived.
> 2. the parser code reads this text copys it to the clip board 
> automatically
> 3. the text to speech engine automatically begins reading what it sees 
> inthte clipboard
> 4. the viewer can select from a number of my own instrumental 
> background tracks to add a little music to uit the mood.
> there are also visuals being projected for this work made up of spam 
> pages being shown on a random powerpoint style slideshow.
> just thought it was fun to share
> Phill
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