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Re: Cambridge Loopfest this Saturday (26th)

>and I thought you meant Cambridge, MA-:)

why do you say this?
he did say: england
isnt it enough that whenever there is nothing said, its USA?
...the only country with a one digit phone code and nothing after .com
...where the oil goes and peace comes from... :-)

I hope its going to be a great meeting!
(two of my best friends are there...)

Thinking better:
Seems to be about the only Loopfest in Europe this year?
Its because last year, Rick came over!
... and for such a big spirit, great California is needed to be born in!
but seriously: it took an american to travel through Europe to create 
all those meetings last year. Why is this? Are we not interested in 
colaboration over here?

>At 7:01 PM +0100 6/22/04, Os wrote:
>>A reminder that this Saturday sees the Second Annual Cambridge 
>>Festival of Looping.
>>A night of music by UK and international artists exploring the art 
>>and science looping.
>>Featuring (in a slight change to the previously announced line-up):
>>- Bernhard Wagner
>>      (guitar)
>>- Tim Bowness, Michael Bearpark and Stephen Bennett
>>      (voice, guitar, flute)
>>- Andy Butler
>>      (guitar)
>>- Economy of Motion
>>      (guitars)
>>with looped film projections by Kodachrome 40.
>>  saturday june 26th 2004
>>  8pm-11pm (doors open 7:30pm)
>>  6 on the door (5 concessions with ID)
>>At the michaelhouse cafe, trinity street, cambridge, england
>>For more information, please visit http://www.cambridge-loopfest.org.uk/
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