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RE: Preset EDP feedback

What I meant was that you don't need to use sysex to accomplish this - you 
can use cc messages instead of sysex.  Since you've already programmed a 
pedal to send continuous messages, you've got all the information you need 
to send discrete control messages.

At 05:14 PM 2004.06.22, hazard factor wrote:
>Right- it was more of an EDP question than a PMC one...I just have no idea
>what the sysex commands to map to the pedals would be, som hex string, I 
>guessing. I planned on adding some 'feedback presets' to a bank if I am
>using the CC pedal for something else. 
>Dave Eichenberger 
>> You don't have to use a pedal to send a cc - you can send a 
>> cc of any value by hardcoding it into one of the strings for 
>> a pmc preset (100% feedback would be a value of 127 for 
>> whatever controller feedback happens to be, 0% would be a value of 0).