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EDP AND FC7 Problems

Hi Loop heads,

It’s been a long time since I posted but I’ve been having weirdness on my gigs with one of my EDP’s.


Here’s the problem with my new Blackfaced EDP:


When I’m in Multiply mode and I end it with Record (so the phrase ends when I want it to)

I get a blank space for a moment before the new Multiplied cycle starts again and it becomes a part of that new cycle 

So that each time it comes around there’s a short blank space before the start of the cycle.



I’ve also been having a couple of problems with the FC7….

#1) When you press the record button it will trigger the Next Loop.


#2) When you hit Overdub it doesn’t trigger on the EDP or it won’t stay in Overdub mode and you have to just keep the button pressed to keep it in overdub mode.


Any ideas?


-Arthur Lee