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Re: Spam poetry as source material


oh yeah!  I adore this stuff, and have been keeping a collection for awhile, not sure what to do with it either.  This was one of the best, as it was actually separated into lines.  The subject line?  "thanks for joining soccer-moms".  Very e.e. cummings in places.

 Any white well-crafted silver pencil spit.
 Her soft mouse falls at the place that our children soft ram falls.
 His purple glove smells.
 A given white tv stands-still.
 Mine smart baby smiles.
 Any soft tall table stares.
 Our children small spoon is on fire.
 Mine red eraser smiles.
 Whose shining balloon snores.
 Mine expensive table spit.
 Our children smart hairy beautiful white small bluish magazine makes sound while his brothers bluish eraser smells.
 Our noisy paper is angry and perhaps whose shining magazine stares.
 A beautiful mp3 player lies and still their small golden car smiles.
 The stupid round cat calculates.
 The round-shaped bicycle prepare for fight however, their well-crafted well-crafted door is angry.
 Any smart wine got an idea while mine expensive purple house stares.
 Our children odd shaped eraser looks around.
 The odd shaped golden magazine adheres.
 Any well-crafted forg smells or maybe any golden odd shaped bra calms-down and perhaps whose well-crafted red omprella is on fire while his brothers odd shaped forg stares as soon as their silver printer calculates as soon as any beautiful book arrives.
 Her round t-shirt fidgeting and any shining house arrives.
 Our green table smiles.
 His small picture falls.
 A given odd shaped green gun stares and still her daughters noisy omprella looks around however, her golden soda smells.
 Her beautiful table looks around.
 A given round tv calculates however, our children odd shaped omprella fidgeting.
 Their expensive table stares.
 Her well-crafted purple book arrives.
 Mine round soda snores.

Daryl Shawn