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Re: FS: Buckethead Live DVDs

While he plays with others live (particularly in Praxis or at home in SF), 
this is
his solo tour which is just him playing with all sorts of triggered 
backing loops, etc. He plays heavily processed guitar and makes an amazing 
He also breakdances and stuff, quite entertaining and typically wacky.  
He's been
doing this type of thing for years typically when he opens and tours with 
bands (Primus, etc).

"David J. Grossman" wrote:

> > This is the entire set from the most recent solo tour recorded on a
> Please excuse my ignorance, but by "solo tour" do you mean that solo as 
>in, his
> band or as in him by himself? I was a big fan of Praxis and I saw 
> Bucket 'o Bernie Brains show a while back. I might be interested in 
>this. If it
> was indeed his band, which I expect it is considering that he doesn't 
>see much of
> a "solo" solo artist to me, who else is playing on it?