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Re: making the switch from Repeater to Ableton Live

Yes, I'v also noticed that sending the Repeater a group of midi 
messages from the FCB1010 by one button press is actually working a bit 
by random. It seams as the Repeater behaves differently depending on 
which order the mid bites do arrive and maybe the FCB send them out in 
different order depending on which bank was active before you pressed 
the "multi function button" (just my wild guess here).

I like to use the EDP as midi clock master (both for Repeater and for 
Ableton Live) since I find the EDP rock stable. If everything else 
crash you can actually make a concert with only the EDP. So, in a way 
the EDP makes a good "emergency escape" (always running straight into 
the sound system and never through any other gear, sound card etc)

All the best

Per Boysen

On Jun 21, 2004, at 7:44 AM, Zoe Keating wrote:

> If you think of it it, write me, do.
> I've spent a lot of time trying to make the crashes happen and thereby 
> deduce my error and have narrowed to 2 events that occasionally are 
> followed by a crash. Now, I've done my share of software debugging and 
> realize that there must be a crucial event that is hidden to me 
> because I can't make the same sequence cause a crash every time.
> In all cases controlling the Repeater with the FCB1010:
> 1) Sending a group of functions via one button press. The group 
> containing 1 or 2 PC messages and 1 or 2 CC messages. And, everytime, 
> that group has had RECORD in it. (If I remember. the one that I get to 
> "crash" the most frequently is RECORD + Set Feedback level to 80% + 
> Pan Trk 1&2). If a "successful" crash occurs, the metronome suddenly 
> becomes audible (and really, really, really loud!).
> 2) Using my midi pedal again to control the Repeater, I hit the 
> MULTIPLY function twice. The tempo of my already existing loop speeds 
> up.
> I have reprogrammed my FCB1010 to make sure I don't have anything 
> hidden in my patches.
> I suppose an optimist (or software developer) would say that these 
> instances are really feature enhancements, because I get more 
> functionality than expected!
> On Friday, June 18, 2004, at 06:19 PM, msottilaro wrote:
>> I'll look into what I was doing.  I just can't think of it when I'm 
>> not looking at the unit itself.  It was something silly.
>> Mark
>> On Jun 18, 2004, at 4:29 PM, loop.pool wrote:
>>> Your problems, though, I will bet money are something you are doing 
>>> incorrectly
>>> (as Mark says),  so you might try i