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Re: Retraction and apology to LD and Vox (Re: Vox Tonelab for looping)

Also, you need a extrenal latching/non-latching switch for it too work I

"If you select "HOLD DLY" for the CONTROL
pedal, the delay sound will be held from the
moment you turn the pedal on."

Or you have to program the unit to turn it from noraml delay to
hold....maybe in a menu?  (Though from my exprerence the above indicates a
additional control pedal)

On the maxon, too much cash for too little IMO.  They will be over $600 
I dislike EHX in general.  Mostly that is my own TERRIBLE luck with them.
Also, I find DMM generally boring.

If you are looking at something that basic, I would suggest the DE7 by
ibanez(a new one, as they have fixed the switching issue).  It is so close
to a boss DM-2 it is funny, and the self-oscillation in it is brillant and
very analog.  It replace the second Boss DM-2 I used to have on my board.
Also, the DE7 is one third the price of the others, has 2.6 seconds of 
time, and sounds good to my ears.  If you want more functions, a DD-20 is a
excellent place to start.  the combination of those 2 would be amazing, and
only cost as much as a Maxon.......

Also, it is nice to see I am not the only one who dislike the DL4 for taht
reason.  You can spot it a mile away on tracks if they so much as touch the
delay time to shift/ocsillate.....


> From Me:
> Well, with my curiosity sparked by Mark's input on the Vox Tonelab SE, I
> trotted over to Guitar Center tonight to give it a whirl, with my guitar
> and my headphones packed into the trunk just in case.  They only had the
> desktop Tonelab out on display, so I tried that, assuming that the units
> would be the same.  They don't seem to be, following closer inspection.
> After two sets of malfunctioning headphones, I asked the salesman if he
> could actually bring out an SE and if I could grab my guitar and
> headphones.  Ahhhh...much better.
> I am going to have to disagree with Mark's assessment that the 'hold
> delay' on the Vox Tonelab is similar to the PDS-8000.  As for the sheer
> mechanics of getting the hold delay, I am sure I would need to work on
> it a bit more.  I didn't have the manual as well.  I was able to get it
> into 100% feedback mode, but couldn't figure out how to be playing more
> material over the top without it going into the delay line.  Perhaps
> Mark would confirm whether this is possible.
> As for the 'time' adjustment.  This was where I was most disappointed.
> The movement of the time knob during the hold delay was totally digital,
> glitchy and useless sounding...making the time transitions of a DL4 (or
> even better an Echo Pro) sound totally organic.  Now that's a little
> sarcasm there, because adjusting the time knob on a DL4 is a dose of
> reality that you are dealing with a SOFTWARE SIMULATION of a real
> circuit.  As I said before, the Echo Pro is significantly better,
> because if its infinite rotating time knob, which allows for slower and
> more controlled transitions.
> On the Tonelab, it hiccupped almost immediately and created very
> unmusical effects.  Nothing like the wonderful sound washes you can get
> with a closed loop of a PDS-8000.  Also, with the PDS, you can turn the
> time knob down to the slowest, creating a rumbling chaos, then 'reopen'
> the delay line and place clean new material on top.  Can you do this
> with the Tonelab?  Since I couldn't figure out how to actually close off
> the input to the delay line, I couldn't really get that far anyway.
> Sorry for the long winded post.  I guess I'm still looking for a delay
> with the modern bells and whistles and sound fidelity, but that feels
> 'real'.  I'm beginning to run out of the current 'modelled' options and
> may just revert back to an analog delay and live with the noise and
> limited features/delay time.  The Maxon AD-999 has piqued my interest,
> as well as the EH Deluxe Memory Man.
> Maybe I should have bought one of Bob Moog's delays a few years ago when
> I had the chance.  Hehe...
> Anybody have any direct experience with the EH Memory Man or the Maxon?
> Best,
> Rich
> www.asopaque.com