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Re: Retraction and apology to LD and Vox (Re: Vox Tonelab for looping)

Does it really?  Real self-oscillation?  You can change the pitch with 
the time knob?  If that's so then... WOW!  I'll have to check that out, 
as that would make it quite a unit.  I could swear I read that I would 
not self-oscillate, but I could easily be wrong about this.  If I keep 
the pedal board instead of the tonelab then I might have to check this 
out.  Thanks!

On Jun 18, 2004, at 11:37 PM, Shane Whitbread wrote:

> the boss DD-20 does tap and oscillation as well.  Probably the best 
> delay
> pedal on the market today......
> Also, count this as a bump....I too wanna know if they ocsillate or
> not......
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> Sent: Friday, June 18, 2004 4:39 PM
> Subject: Re: Retraction and apology to LD and Vox (Re: Vox Tonelab for
> looping)
>> That sounds very cool.  Do you know, can any of the the tonelabs 
>> delays
>> self-oscillate a la the old bucket-brigade delays?  That is one of the
>> coolest effects and no one seems to make delays that can do it.  I 
>> need
>> a delay that has tap tempo self-oscillation and looping.  I think
>> Maneco who make the Maneco loopers is building a device that can do
>> this.  No one mention the line 6 as I am not going to pay that kind of
>> money for something that is going to break and the replacement part
>> cost almost as much as a new unit.  My friend had one and when it 
>> broke
>> that's what line 6 told him to do, buy a new chip or processor which
>> was probably 75% of the cost of a new unit.  When my old memory man
>> broke I sent it to EH and for 16 bucks they fixed it.
>> On Jun 18, 2004, at 4:26 PM, msottilaro wrote:
>>> On Jun 18, 2004, at 10:33 AM, DJ wrote:
>>>> I'm curious, what kind of looping capabilities does the Tonelab SE
>>>> have?
>>> Vox doesn't advertise it because nobody cares about looping, silly. 
>>> ;)
>>>  Here's what it does straight from the manual:
>>> If you assign “HOLD DLY” to the CONTROL pedal, you’ll be able to hold
>>> the delay
>>> sound.
>>> [1] “TIME” 1–8000 [ms] Sets the delay time.
>>> [2] “FEEDBACK” 0.0–10.0 * Adjusts the amount of feedback.
>>> [3] “TONE” 1.0–10.0 * Adjusts the tone of the delay sound.
>>> [6] “MIX” 0.0–10.0 * Adjusts the mix amount of the delay sound.
>>> CONTROL pedal: HOLD DLY: If you select “HOLD DLY” for the CONTROL
>>> pedal, the delay sound will be held from the
>>> moment you turn the pedal on.
>>> What the manual doesn't say is that when you change delay times it
>>> behaves like the old Digitech PDS8000 and old analog delay pedals
>>> where you get all sorts of warping during the change.  That makes for
>>> some fun effects.
>>>> lso, I saw you mention in another post that the Tonelab will let you
>>>> disable the cabinet simulations so you can use it with an amp w/out
>>>> double filtering your signal.  I am wondering if it is possible for
>>>> you to disable all the amp-like parts and use it as a multi-fx unit.
>>> Yes, that's the idea.
>>>> Can you tweak the parameters in real time easily while you playing?
>>> Yeah, totally.  You can also assign any perimeter to one of the
>>> expression pedals so you don't have to be bending over all the time 
>>> to
>>> knob twiddle.  You can do that as well, though.  It's got a really
>>> simple to navigate interface where you have "soft" knobs that change
>>> function depending on what your tweaking.
>>>> I would like to get the Tonelab to record with and then I would like
>>>> to use it with a real guitar amp and use just the FX onstage, but I
>>>> need to be able to adjust things real-time while on stage.  Can this
>>>> be done with the Tonelab?  If it also has looping it may have
>>>> everything I need.  Thanks!
>>> That's the whole idea behind this piece of gear.  Check it out, you
>>> may hate it's presets but once tweaked you can do a lot with this
>>> badboy.
>>> Mark