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RE: Get your EDP yet?

Quoting David J. Grossman <dave@unpronounceable.com>

> Gibson is a four-letter word to me now.

I didn't mean to open up wounds or anything.  Sound frustrating though.

Yeah, I was just curious if anyone had received a backordered on this 
First-time owners are gonna be jazzed... like sitting on your own Harley 
the first time.  I ordered mine from Musician's Friend in late April.  In
the interim, I've done a lot of research into alternatives.  I keep coming
back to EDP as the right tool for me.  The closest contender was a Repeater
on eBay (at a hefty markup).  Did more research, decided even with the
Repeater's pluses, EDP was still better for me.  Though I might buy an 
as a stopgap.

Anyway, that's a long way of saying it'll be worth waiting for my EDP.

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Quoting Andy Ewen <andy.ewen@btinternet.com>:

> 150 were air-freighted to the US last Thursday so they will have landed
> and probably be in a Gibson warehouse now waiting for despatch to
> shops/dealers.

I talked to a guy from Gibson who said they would still need to be Quality
Assurance tested. If they have to do that to 150 units, there's no telling
when they will actually ship. If Gibson holds true to their previous
committment to this product, it could be months before we actually see 
things. :(

Musician's Friend has already bumped the ship date to July 26th. To tell 
the truth, I don't even expect to get mine anymore. If only 150 were 
to the US, it's completely possible that Musician's Friend will not have
enough to fulfill the backorders that have probably piled up from before I
even ordered mine. Especially since they cancelled my order a few weeks ago
even though I told them not to. I may be at the end of the queue now. All
because Gibson lied to them about ship dates. I wonder if that was just
incompetance or deliberate fraud aimed at getting more people to buy to get
more units on back-order.

Gibson is a four-letter word to me now. They have strung me along for too
when I have had numerous opportunities to buy used units but didn't because
that ship date was always just 2 weeks away. I will never even consider a
buying another Gibson product as long as I live.

- Dave