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RE: Vox Tonelab for looping (reply from Vox about high freq issue)

Not necessarily.  Sometimes it's just a matter of practicality.
1. Guitarist already has good amp,
2. but buys a Tonelab for recording (home studio at night, kids sleeping
3. Likes the sounds; wants same sounds for gigs.
4. Money is tight, PA is marginal.
5. So guitarist pipes Tonelab into amp (clean channel).

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On Jun 18, 2004, at 9:04 AM, Greg House wrote:
> Why would someone use an amp SIMULATOR into an amp? Makes no sense. If
> you want
> an efx box, you can get an efx box cheaper then a full blown amp
> simulator. Why
> would you cripple an amp simulator by making it's simulation
> unrealistic?
> Bizarre.

It is BIZARRO.  I'm not sure why either, but I see that lots of people
do it.  Probably because a lot of people are afraid to let go of their
beloved amp, but long for more options.  At least the SE lets you
disable the cabinet emulation so you don't double filter your signal.