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Re: making the switch from Repeater to Ableton Live

On 2004-06-18, at 21.13, Zoe Keating wrote:

>  I'd like to ask those of you who are frequently using Live in a 
> performance situation:
> which audio interface are you using with your computer?

Hi Zoe,

I'm using an RME Multiface with Mac Powerbook laptop, IBM PC laptop and 
Mac G5 studio machine. For the portables I stick a PCMCIA (Cardbus) 
card into the machines and for the big machine I have the PCI adapter. 
The Multiface is a break-out box with 16 analogue inputs and outputs, 
which means 8 stereo channels in/out of your laptop. This opens up for 
using Ableton Live as an advanced stage mixer (with external midi 
control if you want), besides looping in the software. Both PCI and 
PCMCIA are a little bit faster than firewire, which gives less latency 
if you would like to play your live instrument with software real-time 

All the best

Per Boysen