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Re: Akai Headrush E-2

There is a fidelity change that i found when I translated a german article.....
The AKAI Head Rush E2 offers loop Recording, Delay as well as Tape echo and makes for the creative musician possible a singular, loop-based presentation of its Koennens. Owing to the versatile characteristics Head Rush is also under Perkussionisten, saxophonists, sound Tueftlern etc. much likes. Opposite the predecessor E1 E2 possesses weiterte possibilities, in order to steer the functions of the equipment via the foot switches. A new EXTEND mode permits now Recording times of up to 35.6 seconds. Characteristics 16-bit/44.1kHz digitally Delay - max. 23,8 sec. Delay time loop Recording - max. 23,8 sec. in the image mode, 11,9 sec. in the Over Dub mode Extend mode (29.4kHz) - the loop Recording recording time (max. 35,6 sec. image mode/17,8 sec. Over Dub mode) extends Tape echo - max. 5,9 sec. echo time, 4 individual echo exits HEAD GAP - the Delay adjusts time between the Tape Heads HF DAMP - simulate the sound of a similar Tape Delay FEEDBACK - the Delay controls ending time RATIO - adjusts the portion of the effect signal to the "dry" signal real time control of the Delay times, operatings mode, Overdub and bypass functions INPUT (Jack), impedance 500k ohm or more highly MIX OUT (Jack), Impedance 1k of ohms or fewer HEAD OUT 1-4 (Jack), impedance 1k of ohms of size: 140mm x 175mm x 61mm weight: 1150g operating instructions and power pack in the scope of supply contain number of evaluations of this product: 0 for more information, visits you please the Web PAGE to this product. This product was inserted on Tuesday, 01 June 2004 in our Shop
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Try this link:
One new slide switch, active in delay mode, goes from "normal" to "extend" which gets you 35.6 seconds of delay, 17-plus seconds of overdubbable loop. No mention of change in fidelity. Addition of LEDs let you know which mode your in. Another new slide switch lets you choose between fixed and variable levels of looped output when in loop mode.
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