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HsAcNoStEtN live (sort of) on local (i.c., ia) Public access tv

just a quick FYI: back in March I video-taped an experiment of my playing some live loop
stuff (guitar oriented)  in my studio, just to see how it would sound/look, a few days later
looked at the material (it was 13 min long before my son came in w/ "emergency"),& i thought it looked/sounded ok, so  then i did a 2nd experiment w/ a little different set-up (1st setup was w/ my 12 sec delay on my DOD D12, 2nd setup was 2 sec delay from Digitech RP100 feeding 6 sec sampler mode in DOD D12 for more rhythmic stuff)...well, then project sat, sat sat, finally attended local (Iowa City, IA) public access meeting to become producer, finally a few weeks ago, I shot some intro/ending bits and edited the video at home (for the more "Wayne's World" look) and submitted the roughly 30 min video. It will begin playing this monday (June 21) on local public access tv. It's other time is the following sunday, and the time they've slotted me in for is like 11am, not what I'd call the best time for loop-based guitar experiments, but I  won't complain since i'm new at this....oh well, thought i'd share my little bit of getting loop-based music out in the world....s----

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