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RE: Echo Pro - technical ping-pong

>however, by patching (using the jack sockets) the left o/p into the
right i/p and the right o/p into the left 
i/p... and then feeding the unit from an xlr i/p I can get a ping-pong
delay from ALL of the delay models; 
repeats then being controlled with the output level control. (i was
sooooo pleased with this:-) )

ok...this setup sounds wild, and I'm willing to give it a whirl for
shits and giggles.

Let me get this straight.  XLR input to Echo Pro.
Left o/p to right i/p (1/4" jacks).  Right o/p into left i/p.

How is the audio coming out?  Via the XLR output?

If the repeats are controlled with the output level control, what do you
have the 'repeats' and 'mix' knob doing?  Do they come into play at all?

How is the 'mix' setting programmed?  Does it come into play?  Is it set
to global, program, or loop?

Thanks in advance,