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Re: Vox Tonelab for looping (reply from Vox about high freq issue)

I'm going to disagree with that sentiment a bit, as I spend a bit of time 
on the Line 6 forums and see a pretty wide variety of complaints.

In defense of the manufacturer, there is so much variety in people's 
tastes, input devices (guitars), output devices (direct recording, full 
range, PA, guitar amps, heads, speaker configurations, etc., etc.).

How on earth the manufacturer can successfully model these analog 
amplifiers and satisfy even the current customer base is beyond me!

And one man's treasure is another's poison.  For example, Mark posted that 
there was a bunch of junk up in the upper frequencies that needed to be 
shelved out.  But there have been long winded discussions on the Line 6 
site regarding their POD XT regarding the same thing.  Some folks are even 
getting down and doing spectral analysis and swearing that the 'stuff' in 
the upper frequencies is what's making the amp models have their 'life' 
and realism, even though it is typically beyond the guitar spectrum.

I don't get into it all that much....once it's gone into technical land, 
my interest begins to wane.  But at the same time, there's folks 
complaining that the models sound fizzy, brittle, or harsh.  Who's right?

I think you need to treat these new crop of modellers just like you would 
treat an amplifier.  I'm more of a Fender guy and never was really 
attracted to Marshall or Vox amps.  Doesn't mean that Marshall is stupid 
because I don't particularly like their sound.  Others have done wonders 
with them.

Now that I use a Line 6 Duoverb, I have access to about 16 different amps, 
or combinations of two at a time.  How I tweak them to my ear is my doing. 
 If I was playing a Tonelab, perhaps I wouldn't think there was any change 
neccessary at all...and I may still not like it.  hehe.

Regardless, it seems from my experience that the biggest complaints about 
these modellers are from the high gain patches.  Is there something about 
the experience of hearing a high gain amp breathing through a speaker cab 
struggling to move that much air that can't really be modelled at this 
stage of technology?  something a bit more visceral?  hmmmm....


> At 21:18 17/06/04, you wrote:
> >"most people seem to be happy with the Tonelab as it is so there's no 
> >plans to fix the problem."
> thank you Korg/Vox
> I try hard to avoid buying gear from any company with that
> stupid attitude.
> The device is designed to be used (optionally) with  full
> range amplification, but as most customers have been
> using it with a guitar amp they don't care it doesn't work.
> andy butler
> ...ps   hi Mark