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RE: It keeps going and going . . . almost "Aeternally" (as it were).

Y'know Ted, I really have thought of you as kinda being the Sonny Sharrock 
(or at very least the Pete Cosey) of looping (I have always loved 
work!  and yours too!)
So I wonder if that makes Mr. Bill the James Blood Ulmer of looping?  Just 
I think Bill, like yourself, have quite unique and original voices on 
instruments ( Bill, in fact, is rather chameleon-like in his ability to 
shift, merge and collide stylistic and textural/tonal devices in his 
work...pretty amazin')

Perhaps we might wanna look at Mr. Nugent as being the Hulk Hogan of 
playing; a single-dimensional, moronic caricature who has parlayed his own 
idiocy into a boat-load of money