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Re: Chicago Area Loopers

On Jun 14, 2004, at 4:50 PM, Jeff Evans wrote:
> Does any know of loop-friendly venues or looping artists in the 
> Chicago region?

if by "region" you mean a large area encompassing more than what is 
north of i80 and east of i355, come on down to Peoria and you can play 
with me at the Red Barn.

the Suit & Tie Guy Band creates a loop-friendly atmosphere in any bar 
it plays in. until we get fired. haha.

i'm on AIM: suit6  ... IM me if you want to chat about doing joint gigs 
in the city or the Chicagoland area or the region.

also, Michael Firman plays out with MEME. he knows the Chicago area 
better than I do. you should email him as well.
Eric Williamson