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Re: Acceptable Latency

On Jun 14, 2004, at 12:39 AM, Jon Wagner wrote:

> This discussion finally put two and two together for me on this issue 
> and I
> think its really relevant to everyone.  So a question:  How do y'all 
> like to
> monitor your loops?

I do admit that about a year ago I totally switched to headphones.  I 
didn't do it for any latency issue... I did it because when I play gigs 
at dance clubs (like tonight at 26mix in SF! </GIG PLUG>) there are 
never monitors.  I've been burnt by this too many times.

Back to latency... for one reason or another I'm usually at least 10-15 
feet away from the drummer or other band member anyway.  Jon, if you 
remember I was probably about 30 ft away from you when we played ATA 
together.  So unless one is watching when the drummer hits the drum, 
you're automatically playing based on what's happened in the past.  I 
guess this doesn't bother most people, me included.  I have to wonder 
what it is about you guys that's different than me.  I hope no one 
points it out to me.  A long time ago someone pointed out all the flaws 
of most TVs and now I can't look at most TVs without seeing all sorts 
of convergence flaws that most people ignore.  I like being ignorant 
and living 11ms in the past.