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Re: looper for learning music?

Forget loopers for transcription work.

Get Sound Forge for the PC.  The timestretch algorithms in there are okay,
but it's the transport that makes it so much better than a tape deck or CD
player for transcribing.  Select a portion of the audio with your mouse and
set it to loop in there, then move along to the next phrase, select it, and
set it to loop.  If you need a phrase slower, then cut it out and paste it
into a new .wav and apply some additional timestretch.  Much more fluid for
transcription work than using any kind of clunky looping device.

Just my opinion.


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Subject: Re: looper for learning music?

> i used to use the <AKAI riff-o-matic U40> Variable Tempo/Constant Pitch
> Phrase Recorder. that thing rocked as far as slowin down riffs and 
> the pitch constant-using the 'playbacktempo'-normal-2/3-1/2 you could
> clearlee hear the riff at a much slower speed in order to replicate
> same...also loved the 'note grabber' that just let you uhh....grab a
> note!(duhh)...worked good for me-ymmv
> seeya
> stanee
> > I wonder if anyone can recommend a looper that is specifically for
> > slowing down recordings in order to learn them? (on guitar, for me)  I
> > know that Reed Kotler makes a couple of different units; does anyone
> > have experience with these?  Are there others that someone would
> > recommend?  My preference would be a hardware unit, but I'm willing to
> > consider PC software as well.  The reason I ask this question is 
> > my Repeater does NOT work well for this application; even at half-speed
> > the sound is too distorted to be useful, and I'd really like to go even
> > slower than that.
> >
> > Thanks very much,
> > Elby
> >