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EDP losing half a beat on nextloop w/ SR-16 drum machine

Hello, I am in a strange situation. But, I won't bore you with my personal life ;) so here is my question. I am using an Alesis SR-16 drum machine w/ my EDP. I have the SR-16 set as the timing master, and am using the standard non-midi EDP footcontroller. When I record my first loop after I have started the SR-16, everything is fine. BUT..when I record a second loop, it ends up being exactly a half a beat off. There are two ways I end the action of recording a second loop. One is..I hit the next loop button, and the EDP switches into Loop 1 when Loop 2 has ended Im using Quantize=Loop). Loop 1 sounds fine, but going back to Loop 2, the EDP is perfectly upsidedown beatwise. Go back to Loop 1, all is well again. The other way that I end the recording of Loop 2 is by hitting the reaord button. In that case, Loop 2 continues to play, and is in time w/ the SR-16. But, if I hit nextloop, and go into Loop 1, then Loop 1 is perfectly upsidedown beatwise. Right now I am stuck w/ only using the EDP for 1 loop, but I am hoping someone knows how to fix this. Help would be greatly appreciated, as always. dave