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looper for learning music?


     I have been using the Akai Riff-O-Matic for many years and have found 
it to be an invaluable
resource for learning licks.  I went through a bunch of other hardware 
(and software) models at
the time I purchased it and ended up with the Akai.  New they sell for 
around $150 or $175.  If
you are interested in one, I would sell mine for $75.  It does 2/3 speed 
and 1/2 speed which I
found more than enough for even the most difficult to capture licks.  
There is also a "pitch grab"
function that just grabs a few ms at a time and allows the user to move 
that window forwards or
backwards through the recorded sample.  In addition to tempo slowing, you 
can also pitch shift up
or down by semitones or cents to put it in tune with your instrument, I 
think it has a range of an
octave either way.  Then there is a filter function to filter out unwanted 
sounds if you're having
trouble hearing what you want to hear.  It's lightweight, about 5 1/2" x 
4" and comes with wall
wart and manual.

     Nowadays I use CoolEditPro (software) to get similar results.


>> I wonder if anyone can recommend a looper that is specifically for
slowing down recordings in order to learn them? (on guitar, for me)  I
know that Reed Kotler makes a couple of different units; does anyone
have experience with these?  Are there others that someone would
recommend?  My preference would be a hardware unit, but I'm willing to
consider PC software as well.  The reason I ask this question is because
my Repeater does NOT work well for this application; even at half-speed
the sound is too distorted to be useful, and I'd really like to go even
slower than that. <<

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