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Re: Ebay echoplexi... (spoiler: Gibson bashing thread)

man this is great,i canīt wait for the next israel
gaza strip design!
jesus has gibson gone out of their minds?!

--- Tom Ritchford <tom@swirly.com> wrote:
> >Okay, that's three questions. But here's another
> question ... WTF
> >Gibson!?!?!?! Have you guys bankrupted yourselves
> on that "digital guitar"
> >thing that nobody is going to buy or is it that you
> guys just don't care or
> >is it that you're just so incompetent that you
> can't get it together enough
> >to fill your obligations to the company that made
> it for you and the
> >customers who you have strung along for the past 6
> months?
> neither.
> the point is that gibson has massive profits from
> idiots who purchase 
> their guitars -- many of which are only ever used
> for decoration and 
> not for playing (see eg this 
> because 
> of some sort of Gibson cachet.  I think of them as
> the Franklin Mint 
> of guitar builders.
> Their eccentric chairman rules the company by whim,
> going off and 
> buying all sorts of things (ie companies) and then
> throwing them 
> away.  He's been obsessed by this digital guitar
> idea, never 
> understanding that as long as there are lots of
> guitar pedals and 
> tube amplifiers there will NEVER be a market for a
> digital output for 
> a guitar!
> I could go on at some length about how an electric
> guitar is a 
> "perfect instrument" -- heck, I believe you can even
> play it in a 
> vacuum which would make the electric guitar unlike
> any other 
> non-electronic instrument.
> So give up on assuming anything rational will happen
> from these guys. sorry...
>      /t
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