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Re: Tactics for Circumventing Musical Ruts

I guess I've always been aware of my tendency to seek out level ground, 
a large amount of the musical decisions I make are to thwart that. Some 

-Changing instruments and setups often. I have 4 different standard 
instrument 'setups' I use at solo shows (turntable/cd, drum machine, found 
objects, field recordings). I rarely use the same one twice in a row. 
So...even though I get invited to play fairly often, I only wind up doing 
most common - the "turntable/cd" set - a couple times per year. If I start 
getting too comfortable with my choices, I'll start learning something 
(That's why I picked up drum machine this year.)

-Working with new musicians often, and changing my setup and performance 
strategy to best compliment what they'll be doing.

-Choosing instruments & setups that have a fairly large amount of 
non-determinacy. For example, I consider guitar to be a pretty determinate 
instrument since once you learn how to play a tune on it, it's fairly easy 
to play that tune again. Non-determinant instruments require you to work 
with the sound you get, rather than get the exact sound you want. (And 
is where looping comes in, being a useful tool for making unorganized 
have some coherency.)

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