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RE: DL4 / Expression Pedal

 The Line 6 pedal does not use a tip ring sleeve 1/4 jack like the EV-5 and
has a different value potentiometer. Sorry, you will have to use a line six
pedal for optimum results. Look on the bright side, the line six pedal is
made out of the same cheap plastic as the EV-5, and will similarly wear out
in a matter of time. Ha Ha.

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Subject: DL4 / Expression Pedal

I just started using my Boss EV5 with my DL4 and I was wondering if
anybody else has come across this problem.

The pedal seems to do fine when you first plug it in but after a few uses
it doesn't seem to remember the delay settings between sweeps.

Anybody else know what’s up - is it one of those proprietary things - USE