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RE: DL4 / Expression Pedal

--- lol c <testtubemicro@hotmail.com> wrote:

> whet does this mean??? well I guess if you know more about this then me 
> could replace the poteniometer or whatever you call it with one of a 
> range, or as a quick fix you might be able to find the range of you 
> and stick an apropriatly sized bit of wood under the toe so you cant go 
> of range, or do what i did and spring the rather extortionate price for 
> real exp pedal.

I presume any pedal with the right value and taper of pot in it would work 
the thing. Seems like people have posted these characteristics here in the 

However, what I don't understand is all the griping about the cost of the 
exp pedal. When I look at places like AMS and Musicians Friend, the price 
of the
Line6 pedal and the Roland EV5 are very similar (slightly more for the 
Line6 at
AMS, slightly less at MF). What's the problem? Is the Line6 pedal 
unreliable or

If you want an EXPENSIVE expression pedal, check out that Roland 


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