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RE: DL4 / Expression Pedal

I have had this problem, I have no way to tast this but here is my theory.

I thnk that the Line 6 prop. pedal has a smaller rannge then regular Exp 
pedals. when you first set it up you are setting maximum ranges of your 
perameters, but when you start moving the pedal back and forth, it goes 
through the range but ends up in a "grey area"  that is beyond where the  
are meant to be.
I figured this because if I use heel down for my "no delay" loop setting 
about halfway across the throw for "six repeats" I can move back and forth 
etween them well,until I try to push the pedal beyond that limit, then t 
goes rather crazy. I therefore blamed a longer range on my non prop exp 
pedal then on the line 6 one.

whet does this mean??? well I guess if you know more about this then me 
could replace the poteniometer or whatever you call it with one of a 
range, or as a quick fix you might be able to find the range of you pedal 
and stick an apropriatly sized bit of wood under the toe so you cant go 
of range, or do what i did and spring the rather extortionate price for 
real exp pedal.

good luck


>From: goddard.duncan@mtvne.com
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>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: RE: DL4 / Expression Pedal
>Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 12:08:31 +0100
> >>I just started using my Boss EV5 with my DL4 and I was wondering if
>anybody else has come across this problem.
>The pedal seems to do fine when you first plug it in but after a few uses
>it doesn't seem to remember the delay settings between sweeps.
>Anybody else know what's up - is it one of those proprietary things - USE
>weird. afaik, & this is what works on my dl4, it's a normal expression 
>pedal with the tip & ring connections reversed.
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