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Quoting DAVE BRAY <sunnydave7@hotmail.com>:

> hello, wondering which MIDI footcontroler I should get for the EDP? The
> Digitech PMC-10 is soo hard to find. The Nobels MF-2 looks like it does 
> all. Thanx!!!

Couldn't say whether it's the best or not but the Behringher FCB1010 has 
working pretty well for me. The switches may not be the best for precisely 
timed clicking though. I generally use mine synced up to a drum machine 
my drummer and I play with as a click-track so timing isn't quite as 
important. I just need to click it slightly before the beat and it will 
quantize it for me.

That being said, I haven't had any problems with timing when I use it 
the sync. It's probably a matter of taste though. The switches are a 
stiff when compared to the original pedal and they have a bit more travel 
if you're just casually stepping on the button to trigger it, it might be 
harder to get the timing as tight as with the original EDP footswitch. Of 
course, you don't get the malfunctions that you do with the EDP footswitch 
though. I tend to step hard and fast on mine and that seems to work well.

The FCB1010 has two expression pedals which can be used to control the 
feedback and output volume on the EDP. 10 banks of 10 settings give you 
than enough settings for the EDP.

Note that some FCB's have shipped with non-functional expression pedals 
that's one of the quality control issues with Behringer). The first one I 
had this problem and then I read that other people had the same problem.

Musicians Friend has it for $150 but I could swear I paid a lot less than 
for mine. Perhaps the price went up. I think that's still cheaper than any 
other similar MIDI foot controllers. It's pretty flexible too.

- Dave