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Re:I really should read the manual...

At 03:42 10/06/04, you wrote:
>OK, I've just discovered, thanks to my EFC footpedal misfiring (!), in out
>and flip modes on the EDP plus - anybody been doing much experimenting 
>these? it's a whole lot of fun to experiment with, and especially hairy as
>my expression pedal works back to front anyway!!

Hi Steve

In - Eberhard Weber uses Delay Mode ( where the pedal does Input control, 
       Overdub is "backwards"), but the result is the same.
       A nice thing to do is to just "swell" a few notes into the loop to 
create a backing.
       So the live sounds have attack, but the loop sounds are smooth.

Out- Just like the Loop Vol control on your DL4

Flip- Ah..yes ..Flip Mode. sort of a soft glitch , there's a demo in  the 
        "tools of the trade/EDP" section.
          ...Insert works like in Stutter Mode
          ...a good tip is to put Rec=SAF, making it easy to start an 
               loop, then crossfade it into abstraction.
           hey, now 3 people have tried it :-)

Rep- Replace Mode. Lets you hear the effect of feedback changes straight 
             which makes it easier to mix loop layers as you add them.

andy butler