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Re: 1st Loop Workaround in Ableton's LIVE 4.0

> I fucking love their native plugins...............lol.

agreed.  the grain delay is bad ass, and their compressor II is quite 
useful as well.  Could you imagine a Line6 DL4 shaped box with JUST the 
Live Grain Delay in it?  With knob  control of the pitch, spray and all of 
that?  Talk about sonic mayhem potential...  I'd drop cash for that in a 

> Seriously, though, where is the Ableton group you talk about.  In other
> words is a user set up group or just the official board for Ableton?

ableton's official board.  accessed through the website.

> Also,  when I first started using Lounge Lizard it had some serious 
> issues.  Are you finding any problems with that at all?

no, not anything noticeable.  I'm using an M-Audio Omni I/O with the 
buffer at a fairly low setting.  256 or 384 samples, i think.  I'm on a 
Carrillon P4, 512ram, Win2K.

> Additionally,  have you thought about just buying an actual Rhodes?

yes...along with an Actual Fender Vibro-Champ, Fender Deluxe Reissue, Vox 
Jaguar, some sort of actual tape echoplex/space echo unit, and on and on 
and on.  But then the limits of my studio room begin to bring reality into 
the picture, as well as the concept of having to work until i'm a very old 
man because of all of this mid-life sillyness!!!

> Speaking of selling your hardware sampler...........I was just looking at
> the new EMU system.   For $299 you get a state of the art sound card,
> really nice preamps in a break out box AND you get the most kick assed
> sampler that EMU ever put out...............including those incredibly
> juicey z-plane filters that EMU is so famous for.   No wonder the used
> hardware sampler market it so soft.    That's just stunningly cheap to 

Yes, i think my Z8 purchase may actually be one of the poorer monetary 
decisions I have made in my life.  I got a great deal on it new, but I 
still shoved a 256 stick of Ram and a $300 output expansion board in it, 
on top of the purchase price.  Who knows...it's ALWAYS going to do it's 
job as a sampler.  Perhaps it will collect some dust for a bit and then 
get reincorporated later.