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RE: EDP sync and sale/resale

Love to Louie, possibly this year I will. Since I don't have 2 EDPs, Im not
worried about syncing, but I am worried about reliability if something goes
horribly wrong (like it seems to be). I have had a few problems over the
years, and did many mods suggested by Andy and Kim to get it running the 
it is supposed to. I don't want to give the impression that all old EDPs 
bad...it just seems mine had needed more TLC than most. 
I'd like to get a new one soon, but right now the availabilty is limited,
and I don't have the $ anyway. I certainly would have to sell mine and I
couldn't bear to be without one for very long. 

Dave Eichenberger 

> Dave sell it and get a new one;-)
> I was one of the ones that got the first Oberheims and i 
> don4t want to start telling you the money and headaches it 
> costed me to get it running properly!I bought it america and 
> brought it here only to experiece overheating problems 
> bugs,etc.with it...
> I remember back in 97 trying to sell it here and nobody would 
> buy it.Then i discover LD and kim helped me through the 
> problems.Then about a year ago i saved my money to buy a 
> second unit to use it in stereo and voila; Gibsons don4t sync 
> with Oberheims! Andy was very nice to help me through and do 
> all the modofications i need for it to sync with my Gibson 
> but unfortunately nothing worked.So i finally said: baby, 
> baby i am going to leave you,i ain4t joking baby i got to ramble...
> But i havent given up and i am hoping the new gibson will 
> sync to my old gibson...
> L.a
> --- hazard factor <artists@hazardfactor.com> wrote:
> >  
> >  On the topic of older units...mine just started something new. 
> > Sometimes, it just won't record. There is input, but no output.
> > Turn it off, and on
> > again, it works fine. After 10 mins, it just stops 
> recording. I have 
> > to power down. My EDP is from 96 or so.
> > BTW, thanks to Andy for all the help he has given me these past few 
> > years.
> > 
> > Dave Eichenberger
> > http://www.hazardfactor.com
> > 
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