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RE: EDP sync and sale/resale

Some much older units have trouble syncing even with a crystal change as
there has been 100s of component changes over the years. Tolerance and
age of components is a factor; newer models have much tighter tolerance,
1% resistors etc. 
Sync problems are normally fixed by up-grading the crystals but not in
all cases.  

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Subject: EDP sync and sale/resale

Claude and Luis were discussing the Echoplex being available again in
near future (huzzah) and sync issues--
I sold one of my two Gibsons a month ago to help with cash flow, and
had a huge issue with Brother sync not working--
I hope to acquire another EDP when they are plentiful, maybe get a
(ahem) Al
Jolson model for the novelty--
What did Claude mean about sync?
I know there are issues sometimes with matching the crystals on
units--but I
never noticed a problem . . .