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Re: 1st Loop Workaround in Ableton's LIVE 4.0

On 2004-06-07, at 11.35, Tias wrote:
> And the problem is that the Ableton Live time-stretch engine is 
> tempo-based,
> that is, it takes the current tempo and "lock" the recorded sample to 
> that
> tempo and then use that as a base for the realtime time-stretching
> calculations.

Very interesting! Didn't know that. This explains quite a bit.

> On another note:
> I'm having trouble (financial problems) getting hold of a Mac so I can
> compile my VST-LiveLooping plugin so my plan for now is to start
> beta-testing on PC for the moment and only do release-compiles for the 
> Mac
> later on. So anyone who's interested in Beta-testing the plugin can 
> register
> at http://www.condomo.com/4um

At this moment I find myself in the exactly opposed situation; working 
daily on macs but I can't afford to bring my former music studio PC 
back to life. I have already bought a new motherboard, new memory and a 
new power trafo and it's still dead. I don't have spare parts to switch 
for a proper trouble shooting process.  I'd love to take part in the 
beta testing phase but I'm afraid I will have to stay out.