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Re: 1st Loop Workaround in Ableton's LIVE 4.0

Per wrote:

If that would have been true a "1 st Loop capture" ability should have
been part of Live 4.0 update. This matter has been discussed at the
Live forum all since the release of version 3.0. Probably Ableton are
forced to list it a second priority because of the estimated low number
of interested users "

I can't give an articulate defense, Per, but  someone once explained to me
why it is a much more difficult thing
to accomplish '1st loop capability' in a VST plugin that has to work inside
of a host program.  I"m not a programmer and am not knowledgeable
enough to recount the explanation, but it made sense to me at the time.

I've actually found the Ableton's people to be extremely interested
(especially Dave who has been a long time looper himself)
in what our community thinks and I would heavily encourage you to write 
directly with your suggestions (if you haven't already).
If you dont' already have it, write me off list and I'd be happy to give 
Dave's e-mail and write him a glowing recommendation
for your advice (if you don't already know him).

My suspicion is that something that compares with the EDP or the Repeater
(or whatever looper) is going to have to be a stand alone
app, instead of a plugin.    Os, Matthias, Andy and whoever,  please 
me if you think that is innacurate.  I again reiterate that
I'm not a programmer and am not coming from that knowledeable a place.

I know that as we speak, several companies and individuals are working 
towards this possiblity.

I know that one salient feature of VST plugins is that they are so easy to
bootleg (unlike full programs which are easier to protect).
Consequently a lot of top developers are afraid to design something that
they have a slim chance of making money for their hard work.

Kudos to Os for developing what he's developed.

I can't wait for the first review of the Augustus Loop VST plugin.

I hope you and the boys are well, Per..........................Chris and I
are really missing Sweden and all the strange ice creams that you have 
(a knowing wink to Matthias!)

yours,  Rick