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Re: FUZZ queery for Stan, the man-itarium

> You said you own all these great pedals, Stan.
> Guyatone HD2
> Boss DF-2
> 2 Prescription Electronics Experience pedals
> Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive
> Lovetone RingStinger
> Proco Rat(70s)
> Roger Mayer FuzzFace(70s)
> Arbiter FuzzFace(60s)
> Dunlop FuzzFace
> Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi(70s)
> Electro Harmonix GraphicFuzz(70s)
> TubeWorks BlueTube
> Okay, babe................desert Island time................you can only
> take two fuzz/distortion/overdrive pedals to the island.
> Which two out of this list would you take and why  (I just can't afford 
> all).
> yours,  Rick
> ps your guitar tones at Loopstock were just pure heaven, bro!!!!
thankyou mr. loopool for yer kind words-
to the walker bros.
well not to cop out on yer scenario rick, as long as i have my trustee
<fender redknob dual showman head> w/ that 2nd channel-and some knob
twiddlin i get  clean boost, slight overdrive or ragin distortion-i dont
need no stinkin pedals :-)
but...for some just beautiful, fat, deep,dark fuzz i have found nothing 
beats the-<arbiter fuzzface> w/ those germanium <NKT-275> transistors just 
sizzlin...and since ivor arbiter sold his company to dallas musical
instruments in '68(dallas-arbiter fuzzface) its just harder'n'hell to find
these babees w/ original components. i feel very fortunate to be able to 
into the magic...
(and bill on that question about the <sparkledrive>-the literature talked
about its ability to "combine crystal clean w/ an overdrive circuit that
provides the same tone as vintage 808" i'm here to say it aint neccesarily
so-havent heard the 808 come out of that box-now if it had two outs-clean
and overdrive which you could then blend instead of it being internal, one
knob...dream on). i use the sparkledrive as a simple clean boost and it
works great-ferget the od.)