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RE: behringer mixer

We use the small 4 & 6 channel Mic/line mixers for testing purposes, (PA systems etc.) and for the money I don’t think they can be beaten. Sound quality seems good enough for our purpose and their ‘silent input’ circuitry is very good. I can’t comment on how they may perform in a critical recording/live application though.

The reason they are so cheap is that they rip off everyone else’s designs and get them copied in China with very low R&D costs, (see the famous long-running case of Mackie vs Behringer). One of ours bares an uncanny resemblance to an Alesis model.

So there is a moral angle to buying Behringer products J


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Hi guys,


Im looking for a small mixer for my Looper/Effects Setup. I also would like to loop the other musicians in the band.

I own a Mackie 1604 which is great. But I would like to buy a small/cheap mixer in addition to that.

It doesnt have to be a studio quality mixer and in Germany Behringer is unbelievable cheap.

But Im not really sure about the quality. How can the produce a unit for that price ???

What is your experience ? Thanks alot!


Greetings Jens.