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Re: OT: Fuzz

Hey there Mark S. and Chillyman...

I'm wondering if you can attach either of the expeds on the new Vox Floor
modeler to those delay params you're talking about? Possibly sweep delay
time and get foot control of the doppler/glissing stuff? Can you patch more
than one param to each pedal? The more I hear about this unit, the more I'm
ready to pop for one.

FUZZ: Yep... I'm a total addict. Currently I'm down to just my old
Prescription Experience and a GT-5, but ones lying around I really like are
my Boss BD-2 and OD2r, Very old but clean EH Big Muff, Lovetone Big Cheese.
I had the Fulldrive 2, but after getting the Boss BD-2 I can't go back. The
BD-2 can sound really warm, but still has the ability to get a real
full-range grind. I find light overdrive into my Experience really helps
it's sound as well.


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> I agree.  Speaking of modelers and tubes AND looping, the Vox Tonelab
> SE RULES.  8 second looper, real 12ax7 valve and a number of fuzzbox
> emulations that are pretty good.  It's the only modeler I tried that
> really felt like you had a bunch of stomp boxes hooked to a nice old
> tube amp.
> One weird thing about it is when I got it it was set to "amp" out
> (expecting to see a guitar amp) so I switched it to "Line" for my
> mixer.  I had this ugly high end on a lot of the patches I couldn't
> seem to dial out.  (think David Torn)  I almost took it back but I kept
> thinking it sounded great at first... oh yeah, that was when it was set
> to Amp out.  At first it sounded like everything was covered by a wet
> blanket, but after a bit of tweaking the treble and presence viola!
> Really sweet sounds *and* I got the buzzsaw synth fuzzbox tone I was
> looking for. (I wasn't getting them in the "Line" out setting, so
> that's why I posted this topic in the first place)
> Another great thing about this box is the delays react like an old
> Digitech 8000.  When you tweak the delay time you get all kinds of
> beautiful madness.  Good times.  Same holds true for the other effects
> as well.
> I'm going to make a recording with it tomorrow and I'll post the
> results.
> Mark