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Re: tc 2290 series vs. parallel

On Jun 5, 2004, at 1:05 PM, Mike wrote:
> I am new to the world of looping, though very much interested in 
> getting started.  I recently purchased (2) TC 2290s both with PROM 
> v.30.12 with Stereo Sampling, FastTrig, and 32sec delay upgrades. 

do you mind if i ask how? like ... how? a TC2290 with the memory 
upgrade is rarer than a Buchla 200 i'm sure. i never bought them 
because the EDP being 700 dollars is too expensive, and i don't need to 
_completely_ duplicate Bob's rack ( i already have an Eventide H3000SE, 
and want a second one).

> I have reviewed some of Fripp’s set-ups and it at one time he used (2) 
> 2290s in series on the left channel paralleled with (2) 2290s on the 
> right channel.  I am interested in how the specific series connections 
> are made and whether the series configuration can give me a 64sec loop 
> in stereo.  Also, this will allow me to use the stereo effects, i.e. 
> stereo panning.

i have no idea how the TC stereo effects work when in master/slave 
mode. however, the way that Bob claims he uses 64 seconds of delay is 
by running the 2290s at half-speed sometimes.

i'll bet most of the time they're at a full 1mhz sampling rate, though.

the reason he uses 4 of them is to have 2 independent stereo loops. he 
never used them in serial. however, if John Sinks would like to take 
issue with  that statement, i will retract it. :)
Eric Williamson