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RE: Heel-Toe A-B

I have the George Dennis Panoramic Stereo Volume Pedal which allows you
to take one input and send to 2 destinations with the relative volume of
each of the mono signals determined by the pedal position.  No notch in
the middle, but optical control and therefore very low noise.  Sound
like this would work for you.


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I've never seen a heel-toe one, but some of the ones on the market can
do A, 
B or Both

>De:    Jeff Evans [SMTP:jeff@sccadv.com]
>Objet: Heel-Toe A-B
>Hello everyone,
>This may be a silly question, but does anyone make an a-b switch
>works like a volume pedal - with heel-toe operation? It would be
>handy to have the pedal send a signal to the A output in the heel=20
>position, and the B output in the toe position, with a blend in
>- and perhaps a soft notch in the middle for both.

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