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RE: OT: Fuzz

I read in a musician's friend's catalogue about a reissue of the TS808. The
paragraph was really funny, sarcastic, something like "same nutty hardware,
same seasick green colour", ...
I've looked for the text online, found approx. that passage but, alas, not
the same sarcastic paragraph.

Anyhow, my all-time fav IS good ole' Seasick Green. It was the first pedal 
got (around 1982) and it's still going strong. It has gathered a few 
around it, like the Compression Sustainer CS-2 and the Octave OC-2.

When looping, I like to lay a fat bass line with the OC-2 and then double
that with a CS-2ed and TS808ed unisono.

TS808 / OC-2 / CS-2 (supposed to be played as a loop):
http://nosuch.biz/soundz/explainTheBass03.wav (~ 460K)

More recently, I discovered the "Satch..." distortion on the MPX G2, which
comes along pretty analog...

I should work more on that "beat boxing" (and voice, *blush*), but still, 
example for the "Satch..." / OC-2:
http://nosuch.biz/soundz/CaliforniaSun.mp3 (~ 3MB)
(To the new friends from Loopstock 2004! ;-)


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> On 2004-06-04, at 01.20, msottilaro wrote:
> > We all love it, right?  Of course!  Every now and then I yearn for my
> > old Ibanez Tube Screamer.
> Mine is still working. Bought it 1980. Never liked the sound much
> though. Too "hissy" and removes too much bottom for my taste.
> > Thick distorted creamy synth-like tone.  Warm and tube like?  NOPE.
> > I'm talking solid state.  What's your favorite fuzz box to put in
> > front of your looper (or after) and why?  Is the line6 modeler any
> > good?
> I really love my Roger Mayer Octavia! It's a perfect sound to trash
> with EDP HalfSpead.
> Sound clip at http://www.looproom.com/audio/edp_strat_01.mp3 (no amp
> used, only Octavia lined into computer)
> yrs
> p